5 Failed Online Dating Tips

If you are reading this, chances are you have stumbled upon numerous articles about dating tips and online dating advice to find russian women for marriage.And, obviously, not all of them
are great. Some tips have been out there for ages, becoming useless with every
year but still not getting anywhere near vanishing. What are those and where
they come from? Let’s talk about it.

  1. “Have as many dialogues as you can”
    You know how they say: it won’t hurt anyone if no one knows. Same goes
    for online dating. You can have conversations with a virtually limitless
    number of people at the same time, developing some kind of bond or so.
    Clearly enough, it smells of desperation but may actually work. But it’s
    quantity over quality, which never did well for human relationships. Any
    possible depth of your feelings becomes absent – and for a good reason.
  2. “Girls love to be ill-treated”
    This one came into the world of online dating from the real world but it
    still counts as the form of mistreating women has drastically changed.
    Some dating gurus claim that you should never be too nice to women in
    online communication, otherwise they are going to treat you as one of
    the “nice guys”. And while adding some masculinity to your online
    persona, being a jerk practically takes away every chance of your success.
    Only girls with serious daddy issues, those who were poorly treated by
    their parental figures, fall for stereotypical “bad boys”. And do you want
    your significant other to so?
  3. “Make them jealous”
    If you thought the parade of horrible behaviors ended, we need to
    disappoint you. Here’s an even better, or better said worse example of
    people believing they are helping. Forcing others to be jealous is never
    meant to make your relationship work better. Same goes for online
    dating. Jealousy is a destructive emotion. So if you want to make
    someone fall for you – be the person to be attracted to.
  4. “Don’t make the first move”
    And here we are in the 21 st century, having gone through numerous
    sexual revolutions, and still waiting for a girl\boy to make the first move,
    assuming it looks flirty. No, it does not. Regardless of your gender and
    preferences, if you like the person – send the Goddamn message. It won’t
    ruin your day or make you look desperate and thirsty.
  5. “You can be anyone online”
    It’s funny that we even have to touch upon this issues. Misrepresenting

    yourself online makes as much sense as lying that you have the most
    recent iPhone while holding your old 5S in the pocket. You surely can be
    anyone you want to on the Internet; the thing is this someone will be
    dramatically different from the person your online interlocutor expects to
    meet IRL. Looks oddly useless to act so, eh?