5 Signs It’s Time to Move on

Life isn’t always easy. It sometimes literally forces you to make unwanted decisions. And
here’s a thing – while calling it a day for your life is NEVER an option, it at times makes sense to
end a relationship you were building just for the sake of your and your partner’s happiness. So
what are the signs? How to understand that it’s not going to work anymore?
1. The intimacy is gone. Couples often underestimate how important the quality of your
sexual life can actually be. It indicates the level of closeness between the partners; it also
demonstrates your readiness to compromise some of the flaws or special needs. If the
quality has seemingly been going down for some time and you don’t really want to
understand why this is happening, maybe it’s time to put an end to it?
2. Trust issues. Being quite a subjective matter, trust cannot be just created from scratch
because you want so. It takes time. And when trust issues appear out of thin air, it means
that you have been doing something extremely wrong. There may be a genuine reason
for that. If it can be discussed – sure, go for it, because some relationships can actually
be saved; if not – you better be packing your things.
3. Controlling every step. Deriving from trust issues, controlling behavior is one of those
terribly unchangeable traits we don’t really want to deal with. Either it’s your fault that
your partner has to basically watch your every step not to lose you or it’s his or her
inherent behavioral characteristic – control freaks turn any relationship into a hot mess
you wouldn’t want to be a part of.
4. You are bored. No, it’s not that kind of boredom when she wants to stay home watching
some romcom whilst you are in a mood to get tipsy and dance your limbs off. It’s the
dullness of the conversation; the lack of spark, we should better say. When a slightly less
educated and uninterested partner factually drags you down into routine because he or
she does not know any other way to live. Should you even bother making it work?
5. You (or both of you) think romantically about other people. Well, here’s a thing – people
in a healthy relationship may discuss how attractive or sexually appealing other people
are in their opinion. It has nothing to do with romantic interest. But if you catch yourself
thinking about kissing and staying with other people to do something more than just
sexual intercourse, there must be a severe flaw in your current relationship.