How to Know If She’s in Love with You

Sometimes it takes courage to admit this to yourself; sometimes it takes time to understand
that you truly love someone. But how to know that someone’s in love with you? There are some
obvious signs and we are here to discuss them.

  1. She started talking about future. Of course, when it comes to relationships, both stability
    and development are important. On the other hand, moving too fast or staying in the
    same spot in your relationship may indicate the inevitable end. But when everything
    works as smooth a nicely oiled engine, your conversations about future life is a sure
    signal of her being 100% in love with you – in a mature way. There are some desperate
    personals that start to talk about future right after the first date but let’s assume you
    chose someone quite different than those girls.
  2. She wants you to meet her parents and friends. At the beginning of a relationship,
    there’s only you and she in the entire universe. As time goes by and you become more
    and more invested in the union you are trying to reinforce, other people start to
    “invade” the micro-world of your love – parents, siblings, other close relatives, co-
    workers, friends etc. So if your girlfriend wants you to meet her peers and family, it’s a
    good sign of her deep feelings to you.
  3. She’s open about the littlest things. Here’s how it normally goes: when people just start
    to go out, they do their best to make it seem as if they were absolutely normal with the
    close to nothing of bizarreness in their character, their bodies made zero fluids or
    sounds, their lives are in total control, and counting. But it’s not always (almost never, in
    fact) the case with young adults. When your girlfriend becomes sincere and open about
    important details of her life, tells about things she wouldn’t normally be honest about –
    it’s an indication of her growing trust to you, which means that love is just around the
    corner or already here.
  4. She prefers you to everyone. Being in love means wanting to spend as much time
    together as possible. When your girlfriend prefers to stay with you instead of attending
    her weekly girls’ night out – it means she’s deeply into you.
    5. She’s ready to adjust for the sake of your happiness. Some say people never change,
    others prefer to think we are flexible creatures. Either way, we all know that a healthy
    relationship is always somewhat a compromise, which means that both of you need to
    adjust parts of your personalities or your lifestyles. If she’s willing to do so, you are
    probably with a girl you have been looking for!