How to Know If Your Relationship Is Doomed

Love is a simple dance only in romantic comedies. In real life, unfortunately, love stories
come along with massive disappointments and sad breakups e.g dating a divorced woman with a child.
We don’t often know when the time is right to start a relationship, but what’s even more
interesting is that people rarely realize it’s time to give up on their deteriorating union. Here are
some signs that your relationship is heading to a dead end.

  1. The spark is long gone. If you watched ‘Sex and the City’ series, you obviously
    remember the episode where journalist Carrie Bradshaw explains this strange zsa zsa
    zsu feeling, “the one when you just want to be with that special someone”. Well,
    sometimes it happens so you don’t get this special, incomparable emotion anymore. It
    may have a good reason, like being cheated on by your partner and never actually
    recovering from it. But in many cases love just fades away, mainly because there was
    none at first place.
  2. Your sex life is gone. Unless you are a part of a Mormon or Amish community, healthy
    sex life (in most cases – monogamous and diverse) plays a very important role. In fact,
    your sexual relationships are as important as your everyday communication. Clearly
    enough, your bed games mirror everything that happens between you two in other
    parts of your life. And when you sex life gets dry and dull, it indicates that you are
    heading towards the end.
  3. The devotion is gone. No, we are not going to talk about cheating, both physical and
    emotional (although what we talk about is somewhat close to emotional betrayals).
    You must have experienced this strange feeling when you look at someone and think,
    “I think we could really work!” And your current relationship no longer seems exciting.
    It no longer makes you feel comfortable and happy. You are no longer devoted to
    what you both have been trying to build.
  4. Charming little flaws are now irritating. In the beginning of any love relationships,
    there is this thing that you see all those little habits and behaviors that make you
    smile and they don’t annoy you in the slightest. But one day you find yourself
    struggling to survive listening to him chewing loudly; watching her clipping her
    toenails in the living room; seeing him talking to all the stray cats and dogs. And just
    as it happens with your devotion, this irritation comes uninvited and, in most cases,
    for no particular reason. It just happens.
  5. Relatives and friends despise your union. Last but not least, social judgment and your
    or his\her family’s disapproval may ruin your fragile harmony. To make matter worse,
    these are the factors you can rarely escape from. And while some couples prefer to
    Romeo-and-Juliet their love stories, others pay attention to what their peers and
    relatives say about their partner. Of course, you have your own head and mind to
    evaluate the chances of your relationship’s success but it does not mean that your
    relatives are wrong. What you need is to understand whether they are just being
    mean or actually trying to help you.