Why Online Dating May Not Work for You

Have you ever noticed how virtually all the new couples around you have been initially
connected by the Internet? In some way or another, the online community affects your current
or potential relationships. But is online dating actually meant for everyone? Let’s find out why
dating applications and sites may not work for you.

  1. You are into real-life communication. Here’s a thing: not all the people can catch the
    latest trends. And it’s not only about 50-somethings that find it difficult to
    communicate and meet dates online. Even some youngsters feel extremely
    uncomfortable getting acquainted on the Internet. Some say that digital
    communication lacks such important constituents of the acquaintance as seeing your
    partner’s eyes, hearing his or her voice, which in general allows to confirm one’s
    authenticity and sincerity. Not that everyone on the dating sites is somewhat indecent
    and dishonest but you get the point.
  2. You were deceived before. Living with the baggage of previous experiences is rarely
    easy. And when it comes to broken hearts and false expectations – people don’t
    always get a chance to recover after such stories. Your naïve approach may have
    brought some fraudulent situations in your life through meeting people on the
    Internet, and it’s actually a widespread thing. Some learn to differentiate and
    understand who they talk to; others prefer to stay away from dating services for a
    while or for good. It’s a matter of choice, in the end.
  3. Everyone looks for sex online. Well, this isn’t a real reason but more of a general
    belief. Obviously, there are lots and lots of sex seekers on the Internet. No, most of
    them are not perverts. Chances are you are going to meet quite a decent girl with a
    career and a university degree in applied physics that looks for casual sex only, mainly
    because starting a serious relationship isn’t her priority at this moment. And yeah, this
    disappoints those who look for a good marriage material. There’s the only way you
    can handle this. You need to discuss it in advance to avoid wasting time.
  4. You looked in the wrong places. Continuing what we stated in the previous paragraph,
    many young adults look for sex online. Not ALL of them, though. To find the type of
    person you want to, you need to pick the place right. For example, such apps as
    Tinder and Badoo offer various options for both relationship-oriented men and
    women and those who look for sex only, so you better open up about your intentions
    before meeting your prospective partner. At the same time, you may find numerous
    sites that focus on people looking for some specific types of “relationships”, be it
    anonymous sex dates or a family. Maybe you were looking in the wrong place, that’s
    why it seems as if nothing could work for you.